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What makes a Clan Name ?

So I was sitting in one of the rooms, and I was asked, again, to explain the premise of a Clan name. And as most  have them already, I thought it might be wise to explain a bit to those who were wondering, and to those who still haven't chosen yet...

I decided that I should use my mate and I as examples, as much for the comic relief of it as anything else. So bear with me, firebug that I am... and I'll try to explain the concept as best I can.

A Clan name should be a part of you. It should have meaning, whether it be a spirit animal, or a personal trait, or a location. It should mean something to you, and it should identify you to your Clan. Vaia (in the half-elven), means "mother, and protector". My sister, Zana, gave me that name. Forrest, well, he's a tree... Primary Earth. It fits him well... As for the "Shadows", which we are... I can quote this from the dictionary, if you like...

shadow: def. 3: that which follows inseperably; a constant companion, def 5: the darker portion of a picture, def 6: obscurity, haze, def 7: protection, safeguarding,  def 18... to attend closely, keep under close surveillance.

Any who know us well, understand how the names fit. Shad, has been a "shadow" as long as I have, though we did not know it until a short time ago (as is often the case with mates). Now, it is more meaningful, to me at least, since I "shadow" the Clan, and he, for the most part "shadows" me.

I have tried to keep away from family names within the Clan, but when the Clan was small, I suppose it was easy. Now that we have grown, it seems that there will be some small groups within the group, which, to me, is like all families. Yet I still feel that Clan names should remain a personal thing to each of us, that they should have meaning to us, and that we should choose wisely... since it gets mighty annoying to keep coming back and changing one name, over and over again. The only thing that remains a desire for me, is the root... We are the Moon Clan... The "moon" in our
surnames is as much to set us apart, as it is to bring us together. It is a dedication to the Goddess, to the faith, and to the Clan. As I have said, many many times, to all the Clan, "Once Clan, Always Clan"... and once we belong to the Goddess, we are always hers.

And so, having rambled long enough for the moment, I take my leave... in hopes that I have shed some light on the issue.

To my Clan, I bid you Love and Light

And to those who have ventured here to learn about us...
I bid you welcome, for you are met with open arms, and open hearts.

Merry meet and Merry part and Merrily we shall meet again!

Vaia MoonShadow