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Family Interests and Parenting

Pagan Parenting Page A list of links and things for Pagan parents
Parenting Today
The Pagan Parenting Webring
Christianity Online's Christian Parenting Page
The Christian Parent's Information Network


Gateways to Babylon   Excellent site about Babylonian and Mesopotamian Mythology
Skergard A page on Norse Mythology
Myth And Legends A wonderful source of information about all sorts of Myths and Legends
Myth News.Com
Mythus : A study in comparative Mythology
All Experts.Com : Mythology Q&A

Online Shopping and Catalogs

Llewellyn's New Worlds The New Worlds catalog online A fabulous site for Pagan shoppers
The Magical Blend Magical Blend magazine
The Mining Co. The main site of the Mining Co.


Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
The Metaphysics Research Lab
The Source Philosophy
"Philosophy": Philosophical discussions


The Theosophical Society: Reincarnation Section
Dr. Ian Stevenson : Scientific evidence of reincarnation
SpiritWeb : Reincarnation, the way of Soul Evolution
Spirituality in East and West: Reincarnation or Resurrection?
Edgar Cayce and Reincarnation: Past Life Readings as Religious Symbology
Reincarnation: Slipping In and Out of The Flesh

Religious Education

Religious Education Tolerane Association Webring
Almond Rod Enterprises
Catholic Educational Association
Liberal Religious Educators Association
The REC Room, Religious Education Resources
The Al-Furquan Institute (Islam/Muslim)

Religious History

The Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies
Christian History and Theology
Independant, Fundamentalist Baptist Church History
ELIEVE : Religious Information Source

Religious Organizations
Witchvox Welcome to the Witches' Voice
Fellowship of the Earth
The Covenant of the Goddess
New Jersey Witches Awareness Page This page was put together to network and educate witches and others
    about the area and misconceptions of Witchcraft.
The Theosophical Society : American Section
Foundation for Religious Freedom


Spirituality and Health
Centre for Spirituality at Work
The Centre for Spirituality and Psychotherapy
Psycho Matrix
Ashira's Homepage: Feminist Spirituality
The Yeti's Lair: Comparative Religion


APS Guide to Resources in Theology Links to many Theological sites
Marquette Theology: Table of Contents Page
Theology Message Archives
Science and Theology Webring
Links2Go : Theology Resources


Avatar Search Search Engine of the Occult Internet
****The Broomstick**** A pagan/wiccan chat room