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The Elements

Earth Earth provides you with structure, sustenance, and, if you don't try to posses them, the secrets of abundance magick.... It provides you with abundant welcome when you touch the stone, so long as you can hear its song in the air beside it. Earth represents connection.

FireFire grants you courage, faith , strength and, if it does not consume you, the power of protection... It grants you access with the sword, but fire is like that.... It lets you in, but can you take the heat? It represents sensation.

WaterWater brings you healing, transformation, and, if you let it flow through you purely, the privilege of inner wisdom.... It can be found in the cauldron but you will have to brave the fires to that keep it warm in order to get to it. It represents intuition.

AirAir supplies you with communication, focus, illumination, and, if you can perceive them, the codes of intellect. It never holds the spear, but will transmit its illuminating message after a fashion, in the shadows where it was cast by
Fire. Air represents perception.