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Earth provides you with structure, sustenance and if you don't try to possess them, the secrets of abundance magick.
Earth is the element of manifestation. It is the power of practical wisdom and structure that sustains our growth. It is the element of abiding patience. It is making due with what you have while you work toward what will come.
Earth is the establishment that we rebelled against in our youth. It is the foundation from which we sprang full force into life without casting even a brief backward glance. It gets things done, It is the power of persistence and the force of form and function.
Earth is the element of sacred choice that comes with acceptance of personal spiritual destiny. It is the full understanding of the forms we have chosen for our lives and for the life of our present. Earth is the element with which we assume authority and responsibility in our own lives, and in doing so, become the creators of our own destiny.
Earth is humble gratitude. It is the grace of accepting the experiences of our past lives as part of a greater pattern. It teaches us to relax and enjoy our lives. It shows us how to make that which is routine become ceremonial rituals of honour....
Earth is Zen. It is the element of magnetic force. It roots us to the planet in sacred shamanic connection to its deepest abiding power. It is the inner compass that always remembers the way home. It allocates and abides. It is the ancient keystone of Power. Earth is the element of satisfaction for a job well done. It is your home away from home. It guides us as we select and structure our personal life patterns. It encourages us to select the strongest, most practical fibers, and to select from the traditional patterns. Earth teaches us the manifestational secrets of order, abundance, and practicality. It brings sacred wisdom out of the esoteric and the everyday experience of our lives. Earth brings real magick, it brings
us up to the grounded , centered core of our selves. It also brings us the ability to make objective decisions about the structures of ourselves. It brings us the patience to plan, plant and to produce what we need. It teaches us to provide our own systems of personal empowerment, and to make our own connection to the power of the planet.
Earth connects us to the planet in a mutually empowering relationship. It brings the ability to input, associate, integrate, and out put information. It provides us with the materials to build a storehouse of wisdom and an ordered system for utilizing all of that knowledge. It is not the easiest of elements to access, it is tempting to stay with the elements that seem most familiar and elicit the most easily accessed images, but if we consciously activate all of the elements we find a more multi-dimensional self emerging.

The Rules of the Magus :
1. To Know by Earth is to check the facts and determine the validity of knowledge you are taught by others or by yourself.
2. To Will by Earth is to have the will-power to overcome the  limitations imposed on you by others.
3. To Dare by Earth is to dare to assume leadership to change structures and limits that are wrong and damaging.
4. To be Silent by Earth is to listen and receive from teachers and leaders. There is a time for questions and a time for simply hearing.
5. To Evolve by Earth is to craft your work into structures of wisdom for the good of all.

Earth Fairies
There are two sub-groups of Earth fae: the surface and the underground. Each of those is again divided into two sub-groups. These four categories are much different: tree, garden or wood, rock, and gnomes.
Tree fairies reside in each tree. Most look alike: tall and brown. Their job is to look after their tree and control its energy.
Wood fairies are beautiful creatures that enjoy music and dancing. They like to play among the flowers. They receive the Earth's awakening energy at dawn and disseminate it.
Rock fairies are tremendously patient and contain vast wisdom. They are grounded to the energy of the Earth. They represent the greatness of soul and appear as a shining aura around the rock in which they dwell.
Gnomes live under rocks. They are short with large pointed feet. They are immensely clever. Their "knowing eye" allows them to understand everything they convey at a glance. They are constantly admonishing us to awaken though they are the least sociable, strongly ruled by antipathy.

Primary and Secondary elements and their personalities :
Earth guides the druid, the teacher, and the scholar. When we are guided by Earth we are respectful and responsible, stable, thorough, and enduring. We have a purpose in life. We are rigid and unwilling to change. We are stubborn, often lacking in conscience. We gain and lose friends because we are stubborn. We are fiercely independent.
people are benevolent. Their jealous ego and strong passions create the ultimate warrior; uncaring , unfeeling, and consumed with their own wants.
folk are given to doubts. Though we are still respectful and stubborn, we are less rigid and have compassionate hearts.
are scheming and intelligent. They are fickle and frivolous, with few worries. They have a tendency to be extreme. They love to gossip and are a bit forgetful.

The best companions for Earth/Fire folk are those of Water and Air.  This creates a well balanced couple in that they are of equal strengths:  they can feed and control themselves and also each other. Though well matched, this pair has the potential to be at war with each other  constantly.... Since Earth does not like to be controlled and neither does Water, but both will attempt to control the other.
The best for Earth/Water crosses are those of Air and Fire. Neither is truly dependant upon the other yet both can control the fiercer side of their mate with their passionate side. These hold each other in check with their wit and intellect, the Air/Fire individual being the less intelligent and more violent of the two, having the tendency to snap at their mate, who will reply simply with, " Get over it, dear".
The best companion for Earth/Air is that of Fire and Water. The Earth individual being the more stable of these two, becomes the strengthening force to the other. Both can feed, both can heal, but neither can stand alone. This is a passionate combination, with each having separate views. Yet each will know how to calm the other. They will always know the right thing to say.

    Earth children are fed by the misery of Water, becoming stubborn and rude to some, comforting and respectful to others. They are intrigued by the free will of Air, wishing that they could join in the fun yet longing to maintain the order. Fire causes them to retreat to their secondary element : Earth/Water becoming emotional, less stable and mouldable, Earth/Air becoming analytical and more likely to usewords than actions, and Earth/Fire reacts in kind to the Fire element, good or bad.


= Respect, responsibility, stability, endurance, purpose


= Rigid, stubborn, independent, and sinister


= Boreus


= Yellow, black, green


= Fomalhaut


= Auriel

An oath for Earth:
"I am a creature of Earth. Fed by Water, contained
by Air, consumed by Fire and filled with Spirit. I am structure and
sustenance. I am stable and the controlled, patient and yet
persistent. I am the teacher and the scholar. I am the stone of
knowledge. I am a creature of earth. This is my oath.
It is meant to lend me patience in times of anxiety,
knowledge in times of confusion,
and stability in times of need. Earth is my primary.
All that effects Earth effects me.
Here after I combine the laws and the teachings of the
Earth so that I may understand who I am and what
I am meant to be."

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