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Fire = sensation... Pure and simple. Fire is the element of strength. It is the force of faith and the power of protection. Fire leads to purification of our self and our nature. It is the inescapable force that draws us into personal planetary evolution. Fire activates the life forces. It is the rhythm , the sensation, and the heat of personal power. It gives us strength and courage to fight for the personal quality of life. It bestows courage through trials of strength and faith. It reduces all of the dead wood to ashes and strengthens the essential nature of our self. Fire strengthens Nature and Self-nature. It provides us with energies of rebellion, then refines it as a revolutionary spirit. It hones the blade ...
Fire requires a purity of purpose and heart from its warriors. It is the purest self, but not the purist. Fire shows us our strengths by revealing our vulnerabilities. It guides us as we crawl, trips us when we run, and supports us where we stand. Fire teaches us how to ask for help and how to accept when it is given. It teaches us how to offer help and how to provide help with purity of purpose. Fire makes us feel godlike and grandiose , then it brings us to our knees with compassionate self-control. It makes us clear in our self
Fire gives us the inspiration to express truth, even in the most repressive of circumstances. It protects our inherent Spirit and guards our essential Self. It is Fire that enables us to hold on, even when we seem to stand alone. Fire is the faith that assures us that we are never alone, never separate from the source of all life.
Fire is the most important physical and primal element. Fire makes you want to dance, get physical, touch and be
ouched. Fire is the passion of motivation.
Fire was the first magick of the ancients. It was the senior element, often sent directly from the heavens in a bolt of lightning. It was the creator and the destroyer, the provider and the conqueror. It was the ultimate hunter and the inexorable warrior.
Fire is the element of the inner flame of self esteem. It is the inner element that enables you to choose your path and to evoke visions of your desire. It is the inner force that gives you strength of body, the courage of mind and the faith of spirit with which you may achieve your goals.
Fire is the element of self that places the sword of power into your hands. Your inner flame forges the blade that empowers your purposes. It also brings the less flamboyant, yet foundational powers of kinship, love and joy.
Fire brings the ability to have a more powerful sense of self-esteem and personal confidence in our fully activated , unique and special potential. Fire enables us to face the inner fears that block and prevent us from reaching our power and being all that we can be. There are times when we must bring our fears out from within ourselves and allow them to take shape in our active imagery. In that dimension of conscious mind we are able to do battle with our fears and we may be surprised to see that they are only shadowy reflections waiting to be transformed by our strength, faith and confidence.
Fire brings the power of clearly seeing the reflections of ourselves and the patterns of our lives. Fire burns away illusions that prevent our full recognition and acceptance of our selves. Do not be afraid of your weaknesses and fears, this only feeds them. Fear and weakness grow fat on denial. Accept and adopt. Fire is an element of gallantry. Whenever there is the element of quest, there is Fire. Whenever there is unselfish sacrifice, there is Fire. Whenever there are great deeds of courage and heroic acts of bravery above and beyond the call of duty, there is Fire.

The Rules of the Magus :
1. To Know by Fire is to sense with your physical body awareness.
2. To Will by Fire is to use your physical strength to energize your craft.
3. To Dare by Fire is to take action when needed.
4. To be Silent by Fire is to show restraint, to be still and self-controlled.
5. To Evolve by Fire is to make the physical efforts needed to energize your craft.

Fire spirits :
The flame spirits and elemental salamanders make up the two types of fire fay...
Flame spirits are small (3 inches to 2 feet in height), and rather like a candle flame. They appear in wood fires , called into being by the rhythm of the fire which is the most powerful vibration. This is like harmonic invocation that ceases when the fire goes out.
live at the bottom of volcanoes. They appear to be of an elongated human shape. The larger ones often become present in forest fires... The bigger the fire, the bigger the fairy. They would be attracted to the Fires from some distance, not called into existence.
Fire fairies
are indifferent to life, and though not exactly feared by the rest of nature, are held in awe. It is impossible to convey the vitality of this particular elemental. They are both creative and destructive.

Primary and Secondary elements and their personalities :
Fire guides the empath, the protector and the warrior. When we are guided by Fire, we active and courageous. We are enthusiastic leaders with strong wills. We are perceptive and loving, with high passions. We are hot-tempered with large egos, having strong hatreds. We are easily angered, jealous and over-protective, perhaps fearful of loss. We are sometimes also warlike and conflicting. If
Fire is tempered by Water we are less active, but not lazy. We tend to become obsessive when it comes to protection and love. We are brooding and consumed with jealousy....
Fire/Water crosses are the true empaths. They feel even the slightest twinge from all who are present, or from loved ones at great distances. If
Fire is tempered by Air, we are furious and destructive, quick to react and highly intelligent. These are prone to fits of jealous rage, and are liable to cause great harm to themselves and everyone around them. These are the loners or the leaders. They need no one but love to possess others and overcome the weak (as they see it). If Fire is tempered by Earth, we are strong and stable, stubborn and independent, perhaps even sinister at times. These are the greatest leaders, though not the most compassionate. They are strategically minded with high levels of courage.

The best companions for those composed of Fire and Water are those forged of Earth and Air. The Fire of one feeds off of the other, strengthening them, yet before it becomes consuming the Water rushes forth to quench the flames. Though the Earth/Air individual is more stable, the Fire/Water cross can find much happiness and stability here, which is exactly what it lacks.
The best companions for those composed of Fire and Air are those of Earth and Water Though these are two extreme individuals, they fall into balance...
The Fire feeds on the Air and Earth feeds on Water. However, this strong-willed and benevolent Air can sometimes result in destructive climaxes.
The best companions for those composed of Fire and Earth, are those of Air and Water. Fire feeds upon Earth, which is the strong force of the union, but Air contains Earth and Water quenches Fire, feeding the Earth so that the cycle can begin again, soothing the savage beast.... This is a good match that falls into perfect balance... The general and his heart

Firebugs are fed by the stubbornness of Earth and the frivolity of Air. When faced with the emotional levels of Water, Fire retreats to exhibit its secondary. A Fire/Water individual will react emotionally, comforting the attacking Water element. A Fire/Earth person will react with "I told you so" and leave it at that, or perhaps offer to take them for dinner..... a Fire/Air individual will be completely indifferent, uncaring and inattentive, the Water lending to their nature (Air) and respond with "You should have been more careful."

    The Positive aspects of Fire are purification, love, will power, learning, teaching, leadership, perception, courage, strength and protection. (balefire and hearth), noon, the sun, the stars, the blood, enthusiasm.
    The Negative aspects of Fire are destruction, hot-tempers, large egos, jealous, over-protectiveness, selfishness and anger (forest fires, lightning and volcanoes), fear , war, conflict.


= Notus


= red or white


= Regulus


= Michael (blue)

Correspondence in the law

= Velle- To will, the third power of the Magus


= Tan or Teine


= Djin

Associated with  

= Dagger and sword

An Oath For Fire :
" I am a child of Fire, fed by Earth and Air, quenched by Water
and consumed in Spirit. I am the light in the darkness, the creator
and destroyer. I am strong and faithful.
I am the protector. I am the warrior.
I am the sword of inspiration.
This is my oath, meant to lend me strength in times of weakness,
protection in times of danger and faith in times of doubt.
All that effects Fire effects me. Here after I combine the laws
and the teachings of my element so that I may understand
who I am and what I may accomplish.
So must it be...."

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