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Water is the element of emotion. It is the power of inner knowledge and the sacred force of self-healing. It is the element of personal discovery. It is the lure of emotional attachment. It sends us seeking ever more deeply into the untold fathoms of our personal emotions. It knows how we really feel, despite our attempts to conceal it.
Water is the element on which we travel into ourselves. It seeks that fine private place within where true self-healing can occur. It is the element with which we finally learn to measure and maintain our emotions.
Water insists that we learn to go with the flow, when to harness its forces, when to ride on its power and when to simply float on the surface. It is the element of eternal hope. It is the hope that springs eternal from the source of all healing.
Water is the element of unconditional love, of positive self-regard, and of pure emotional understanding. It is the element of memories that sustain and nostalgia that nurtures. It is a pool of sentimentality that remains clear so long as we do not wade in for too long a period of time...
Water is the element of dreams. It is the power of personal inner journey. It brings us inner guidance. It transforms the magical spirit guide into a mundane emotion for ease of transportation. Water is a shapeshifter that reflects our inner feelings  onto our outer form.
It is the element of reunion and clear renewal. Water was the essential element of life for the ancients. It brought life to the land and life to humankind. Without it, all life would cease to exist. Water was the mysterious element that transformed itself into a solid structure in the cold and shifted again in the spring. It was the magickal healing element that bubbled up from the ground where least expected. It was to be honoured and accepted, never conquered and
controlled . It was the magickal element controlled only by the gods.
Water was the symbol of purity, healing and transformation It was the element of Inner Self. The waters of life that dwelled within the body of human kind. Water brings us the power to use our inner knowledge, and reflect that wisdom to our life for self-healing and emotional well being. Water imageries are often quite emotional like the element itself.

The Rules of the Magus :
1. To Know by Water is to use your inner wisdom, to listen to your inner voice, to know through emotional responses.
2. To Will by Water is to wilfully express your inner emotions to regulate your emotional stability, and control the flow of that which would strain or empower your health.
3. To Dare by Water means to dare to reach within and experience your emotions fully, to assume full responsibility for the health of your life.
4. To be Silent by Water is to go within yourself, to enter into the silence and take time for private self-healing.
5. To Evolve by Water is to weave, responsibly, the emotional energies in your life into a fabric that is self- healing and sacred.

The Water Fairies

The water fairies are divided into two subgroups consisting of salt water and fresh. Salt water includes three groups: water babies, sea sprites, and storm fairies. The fresh water fairy is the Undine.
Water babies live on the surface of the ocean, in sounds and bays near land. They are very jolly, with perfectly round faces. They are bright blue with large eyes and white faces. They give us their energies when we submerge ourselves in the sea.
Sea sprites are the golden jewels that glitter below the surface of the water. They are actually human sized, with fierce, gaunt beauty and a skeletal appearance. A sea windy hair of dark blue floats above their heads. Their energy is one of happiness, the free and roaming gypsy.
Storm fairies dance in the open seas, rising with the waves yet dwelling in the depths. They are huge and furry, and unpleasantly hostile.
Undine are beautiful and splendid. They live in lakes and ponds. Their beautiful song draws wandering souls to their shores. They are thought to be great transformers. They bring about changes in vegetation. They are fluid. They are dreamers.

Primary and Secondary elements and their personalities :
When Water guides us, we are compassionate and peaceful, forgiving and loving.
We are highly intuitive and often lazy. We are indifferent and often unstable,
with little emotional control, and are sometimes insecure... They are true friends, but they are likely to be unhappy when they are alone.
If tempered by
Fire, they are the true empaths, guarding their friends and loved ones fiercely if not selfishly.
If tempered by
Earth, they are stubborn, forcing their opinions on others in an attempt to make them see the truth. Though they regret when feelings are hurt,  they seldom make apologies.
When tempered by
Air they are less insecure, happier and more stable. However, they are less compassionate and less intuitive.

The best companions for those of Water/Fire are those of Air and Earth. The lazy Water babies need the other to feed their Fire and press them onward. Both are healthy in this combination.
The best companions for Water/Earth are those of Fire and Air. The Water and Fire keep each other in check, which basically makes Earth and Air the primaries here. Thus the stubborn kindness of one tempers the frivolous nature of the other.
The best companions for Water/Air is Earth and Fire. This creates equal balance; the Fire feeding on the Air yet at the same time being calmed by the Water, with the Earth being fed by Water yet controlled by Air.

Water children are pushed to their emotional breaking point by the stubborn egos of Earth and the frivolous attentiveness of Air. The warmth of Fire frightens them into their secondary; Water/Fire end up in love trusts with the stronger flames, Water/Earth takes on the "Oh, I can't believe I was so stupid" state of mind , and Water/Air rejects the emotional outbreak, taking an indifferent attitude, often spreading unfounded rumours about the entire incident...


= Healing, dreams, purification, communication, compassion, peace, forgiveness, love and intuition.


= Floods, laziness, indifference, insecurity, the downward spiral of a whirlpool


= Zephyrus


= Blue, black, grey


= Antares


= Gabriel (white)

An oath for Water:
"I am a creature of Water. I am led by Air,
controlled by Earth, dispelled by Fire and filled with spirit.
The mother and the lover. The nurturer and the forgiver.
I am the healer and the mystic.
I stir the cauldron of inspiration.
I am a creature of Water and this is my oath.
It is meant to lend me wisdom in times of blindness, insight in
times of confusion, and transformation in times of stasis.
Water is my primary . All that effects water affects me.
Here after I combine the laws and the teachings of Water
so that I may better understand who I am and what I can accomplish..."

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