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Air is the element of perception and communication. It is the medium of mental expansion. It is the element of inspiration. It is the creative force of the intellect; expressing the mind of humankind. It is the element of focus in the midst of chaos. It is the sharpened end of awareness, of clear thought, and the clear strength of concentration. Air is the element of imagination.   It is the magick realm of inner space. It allows us to ride the dragons of our fantasies  and create our personal universe in a manageable form.
Air gives us the joy of personal inspiration and the creativity of personal expression. It is the element on which we may soar into spirit. It is the pathway to the many spheres of consciousness; the many dimensions of universal intelligence.  It is the element of clear expression, a force of clarity in moments of pure , personal truth. Air gives us the ability to think. It is the sacred gift that both plagues and empowers us with possibility. It allows us the luxury of being able to speak before we act, before acquiesce. It is the element of humour . It is the element of laughter. It dispels the lethargy of our lives and prevents us from languish and despair. It is the element of change, against which no self-imposed artificial structures can stand. Air is the profound power of positive thought. It is the element of expansion into realms as yet unknown. Air is that upon which we may float, soar or dance.
Air is the element with which we may open or close our minds as we choose. It is the element that carries them, all in one, into the spirit. Air is more than the breath of life. It provides the means by which nature can be transmitted into the future in the most clear and compelling manner possible. It is the element of music. It was the magickal element with which blessings and curses could be created. Air could provide expressive reminders or excruciating ridicules to reveal the true nature of those who are being represented by the satirists. Air is the element of inspiration. It reminds us of our honoured heritage and our roles of responsibility. It reminds us of our gifts as well as our bindings.
It was the element of the transient bards. It was the illuminating element that revealed itself in the poetry and myths of the once and future times. Air journeys enable us to hear now the melodies in our own minds. Air enables us to listen and receive new messages even in the music that already seems well known and familiar. It gives us a new view of the images that we create for ourselves and in regard to others. It activates a greater potential for self-expression. It helps us become acquainted with the unlimited capacities of our brain and mind potential. Air is the collective, creative flow that activates our brain and inspires us to express ourselves with sharp focus  and perceptive skills of the poet. Air enables us to amplify our thoughts and inner musings with the rhythmic power of the spoken word.

The Rules of the Magus :
1. To Know by Air is to think , to be perceptive, to be aware of your thoughts.
2. To Will by Air is to restructure your thoughts in accordance to your own will.
3. To Dare by Air is to peak your mind and dare to speak for yourself.
4. To be Silent by Air is to develop the skills of silent perception, to have the quiet focus required for deep awareness. To communicate with yourself.
5. To Evolve by Air is to express your Self and your gifts in a manner that creates harmony and empowers nature.

Air fairies :
There are two groups: the nature and element itself, sylph.
Nature fairies are of three general types: Cloud, Storm and Dragon, all are, by nature, part Water and part Air.
Cloud fairies live and have being in the mass of clouds. Their whole texture is cloud like. They are the sculptors of the fairy world. When they vanish, they retreat to mountain lakes , mists and seas. They love sunset and sunrise, which creates lovely effects.
Storm fairies are small yet shapely and beautiful. They are silver with lights of blue and violet. They rarely come down to our level, preferring to travel in troops across the sky.
Dragon fairies (not "Dragons"), float above the clouds moving quickly, never descending. Storm fairies feed on their energies. They are strange and far removed from earth and life.
Sylphs are the most beautiful of all fae. They are easiest to communicate with. Their world is all tone and glitter, easy to catch a glimpse of....

Primary and Secondary elements and their personalities :
When Air is our guide we are optimistic, joyful and intelligent. Mentally, we are quick, with lots of good ideas. We like to gossip and brag. We are fickle and frivolous. Sometimes we are forgetful and inattentive, jealous and suspicious.
Air/ Fire children have an excess of jealousies. We start rumours against those who we despise with little or no provocation.We are less joyful, yet no less intelligent.
Air/Earth is less frivolous and less stubborn. We tend to believe the gossip, and spread the wild tails yet as hard as we try, they are never told correctly.
Air/ Water brings insecurities. We are less intelligent and far more frivolous. Our unstable emotions cause us to lose many friends and gain many enemies.

After reading the previous lessons, these combinations should come as no surprise :


= Water/Earth


= Water/Fire

Air/ Water

= Fire/ Earth

Air children are careless and would like to be as organized as Earth and as caring as Water, but just really don't want to stop having fun long enough to deal with it. Fire makes them anxious and so their secondary adds support.... Air/ Fire will react as a fire element would good (sexually) or bad (with her fists). Air/Earth becomes orderly and stubborn "I will do what I want, when I want, etc, etc. Air/Water becomes lazy and reacts with "Oh, I'll just handle it later."


= Knowledge, intelligence, psychic ability, optimism, joy


= Fickle, frivolous, forgetful, jealous, gossip, easily led, braggart


= Argestes


= White , red, green


= Aldebaran


= Raphael

An oath for Air:
" I am a child of Air. I am filled by Earth,
fed by Water and fuelled by Fire, I am moved by spirit.
I am the voice of the soul.
I am the child in us all. I am Inspiration and joy.
I am the dreamer and the muse. I am the Spear of perception.
I am a creature of Air.
This is my oath. It is meant to lend me
intelligence in times of confusion,
communication in times of distance,
and control in times of expression.
Here after, I combine the laws and teachings of Air
so that I may understand what I am and what I can

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