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Spirit = Transcendence

Spirit is the element of the eternal. It is the force that transcends form and the power that pervades all. Spirit is the element of the unseen guest. It is the element with which we create our gods, and from which, in turn, we are created. Spirit is the element of redemption that laughs in the face of original sin. It is the truth, unbound, unstructured, and resistant to all attempts to regulate its distribution.
Spirit is the element of love, pure , beautiful, strong and ruthlessly compassionate love. Spirit animates all things relatively. It reveals the hidden life force in that which appears inanimate and reawakens the inherent consciousness
in that which seems unaware.
Spirit is the transcendent, transpersonal mirror. It is the mirror that reflects only that which we are clearly conscious of and completely accept. It shows us reflections of our Self in all aspects of nature, all realms of reality, and all dimensions of the mind; personal, cultural, and universal.
Spirit is the energizer of the soul.

The Rules of the Magus :

1. To Know by Spirit is to know the differences between fact and fantasy. It is knowledge itself.
2. To Will by Spirit means to be attuned to the light and having the will to quest for the best.
3. To Dare by Spirit means to live life according to the guidances of your own spirit.
4. To be Silent by Spirit means to be in a quiet state of spiritual attunement with yourself and with nature.
5. To Evolve by Spirit means to consciously connect with the Wyrd, to interweave your Self and your craft with the crystalline web of light.

Spirits = Devas

The shining ones are the soul of the plant kingdom. It comes alive and takes new form to ally itself with human beings and gives to them the secrets of the plant. They have no shape, they are simply golden glowing effervescent clouds of energy, rising from the plant. They are the will channeled and manifested in nature.


Tattwa symbol : Egg shape
Sanskrit name : Akasha
MoonChannel(sushumna) : none
Center channel (pingala) : Jupiter
Sun channel : None
Action (karmendriyas) : Walking
Nadas (internal sounds) : Thunder, Drums
Abstinances (yama) : Injury
Observances (niyama) : Cleanliness of body and mind (shaucha)
Kleshas (the 5 sources of trouble) : Possessiveness. Fear of Death (Abhinivesha)

Elemental: Deva

Tibetan (Buddhist)

Direction : Center
Center or Level : Skull (kaya), body
The five Skandhas : Rupa (body)
The five Failings : Ignorance
Appearance of the Deities : The 58 wrathful Deities
Mantra of the Buddhas : Om
Mantra of the Dakinis : Lam
The five Tethagatas of the psychic centers : Buddha, Vairocana
The five female companions of the Buddhas : Prajna, Akasa ,Dhat-visvari
The five wisdoms of the Buddhas : Dharma-dhatu Wisdom of Emptiness
Tathagatas : Thugs-ky, lha (citta-deva)
Bija-Mantra : A
Dakini : Nam-mkha, lha-mo
Symbolic Animal : Lion


Quality : Space and Sound
Color : Clear
Alternate color : Black or Indigo

The reason that there is a shorter list for the element of Spirit is
because Spirit cannot be defined. It simply IS. It is what makes up all
of the other elements. It is the essence of all things. To empower
oneself with Spirit, one must meditate on the other elements, and open
oneself to the universal light that is in all things.