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My Family,

I have been asked many times, over the last few days, to explain the Clan, and I sat here wondering to myself just how many of the Clan actually understand what we are. And so, being the Mother that I am, I sat down and vented over what to write, and what to tell them, and I decided to post this letter for all to read.

I began the Clan for reasons that I am still unsure of. I have always felt that I had a purpose, and that there would be a time to share what I had learned with others, but I don't like to think that I am alone with my calling, and so I called upon my sisters and a friend, to join me in my task. The Clan grew form there, those few of us that there were, sharing what we knew with each other, and creating what we are now; a very closely knit family.

I believe that we are here to find the common bond between the paths... the one thing that ties us all to what we are... As I have said to many of you, I don't like being called a leader, but I suppose that this is what I am, and what I was meant to be, since I am the tie that binds most of us together. I want only acceptance here, within this Clan, and when we fight among ourselves, it makes us all weak, as it does with any family. Some of us have dealt with our blood relatives, and never found the acceptance that we have found within this Clan... that is what I have wanted all along. I want the Clan to be a place where we all know that we will be taken, unconditionally, into the hearts of our fellows, and never questioned. When I say "Once Clan, Always Clan", I mean that sincerely.

Being as wide spread as we are, I want the Clan to know, that they will always have a home with their Brothers and Sisters. I want the Clan to know that whenever there is trouble that they can count upon the Clan to carry them through. I want the Clan to know that there is nothing we would not do for one another. 

I have been called many things in my days, I think that the only thing that I have ever doubted is that I am wise... .I don't feel that I am, really... but I know that I will give all I have to this Clan, I know that I follow what the Gods have set for me... If that makes me wise, then so be it. And as much as my mate worries about me, as much as many of you worry about me, I can be no less than what I am: A mother to this Clan.

We are gathered in Love and Light, to create it and to spread it to those we meet. Tis the one thing that I call a creed. In the half-elven (which is the language of the Clan) it is, "Imi H Ky" (pronounced: ahmah hah ky).

The one thing I wish, more than anything, is that we could all come together, just once, in a place that we could all sing and dance for days... Would that not be a beautiful sight?... So much energy, so much love and light... Perhaps someday, that dream will be made a reality... but until that day, I shall settle for the love and light I fell from afar. it DOES pay to be empathic sometimes.

And so, my dearest family... I take my leave.

In Love and Light, we stand together... Tis the Way of the Clan.
May the Gods light the fires in your hearts and keep the flames burning throughout eternity.
Until we meet again... I love you all!

Vaia Moonshadow