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About the    Members

The Clan has grown over the years to span states and countries.
While we are still small I find it comforting to know that there are more of us
than there once were.

This is a list of current Clan members and a little bit about them.
Though some of these descriptions are brief, it does not mean there is little to say.
I just have a hard time putting into words just how much these folks mean to me.

Vaia Moonshadow (Elder)

Vaia is the head of the Clan (if there is one). She is studying for a Doctorate in Metaphysics,
and works as a freelance artist in her free time.  Her hobbies are art, literature, writing
and the full time upkeep of her son, Skyler Thorne & her husband Shad. 
She is the proverbial "Mother Hen".

Forrest ShadowMoon (Elder)

"Shad" is the Clan's own personal Mr. Fixit.
He has proven himself to be our healer and our "Imp".
Our multi-talented, Sicilian handyman is full of ideas for all occasions.
He is the Clan Record's Keeper and Conduct Administrator.

Ariel Moonspinner (Elder)

"Spinner" is Vaia's best friend. She is currently looking to find a job suited to her tastes,
since she just moved to Texas new husband. She is a hopeless romantic
and enjoys all the things that go along with nature.
She is involved in the making of all the "Crafty"
and is one of the Clan's Elders in charge of Mediation.

Silver Moonwolf (Elder)

Our dearest sister fairs from Tennessee. Silver is into a lot of things,
but her current sites are set upon starting their own private investigating business,
as well as a net-based herbal supply catalog.  She always keeps you on your toes,
with her snappy comebacks. A joy to be around
and a welcome addition to the Clan's sometimes all too serious ranks.

D'que'el Dragon-FairieMoon (Elder), Katya Faerie-DragonMoon and Little Luna Moonseeker

Always well spoken , our Dear brother is one of the Clan's Mediators.
Katya, "Storm's" mate, is fairly new to the MoonClan, but she
was welcomed with open arms. Kind , yet still quite blunt, she is the mother
of three (1 boy, 2 girls), and now has Big Brother and Lil Luna to add to her family
(along with all of us, hehe). Little Luna is 12, and is no doubt being raised as
lovingly as any little one should be. They live in Michigan, and are filled
with the love and light that is the Clan.

Phoenix CoyoteMoon (Elder) and Valira Jahinn MoonFire (Elder)

Phoenix and Lira are our Elders in charge of New membership.
They live in North Carolina with Lira's daughter Ashley.
Phoenix is our family's Practical joker.  He's always ready with a joke
to put a smile on anyone's face. He also takes care of all the plans for our Clan Gathering,
which should be taking place sometime next year. Lira is another of our "Clan Mothers".
She's very loving and caring, though she's also got that "take no crap" attitude
that help's to keep the "kids" in line. Many times, they have gone above"
and beyond their call of duty to make sure that things run smoothly.
Much love and Thanks for that!!!

MageMoon (Elder)

"Mage" hails from Massachusettes. He is one of those types of folks
that's always there right when you need him.
He is the Clan's Administrative Advisor, and Vaia's personal sounding board.

Marduk MoonKentaur (Eld)

Marduk is our web page administrator. He hails from the Netherlands,
where he lives, works, and goes to school. Yet, in his free time,
he still has room for all of us.

Kayma Twilitemoon (Elder), Fantus MidniteMoon (Elder),
Golden MoonGloe, Crystal MoonFlower, Kat MoonMist, Angel SilverMoon

Kayma found a family here and added in her own to the mix.
She is a quiet one, though Fantus has been known to be a bit playful
and a bit of a prankster.They live in Arkansas with their children
and their many pets. I am very proud to call them Clan.
A caring bunch, with a heart for us all... just what we need in this group. 
Kayma and Fantus are both Elders,
and are in charge of new members under the age of 17.

Boann RavenMoon (Elder) & Rilthian MoonBow

"Bo" is another of the Clan "mothers". She has adopted more than one of our brood
as her own. With plenty of love and Light in her heart, Bo is one of our most caring
Siblings, and is one of the Elders in charge of the Clan Gathering
(with Lira and Phoenix) and helps with the Literature to be posted (with LD).
She currently lives in Canada with Rilthian, her husband,
who is a new addition to our  family, but has proven himself to be most happily
"in the thick of it all"

Laughing DragonMoon (Elder)

"Uncle LD" Lives in Indy. He deals in Real Estate . Always ready with a good joke
and even better poetry, LD brings a bit of humor and relaxation to those
"oh so dreary" days on-line.

Zana Moonshaper

"Zane" was one of the first.
She has currently moved to parts unknown with her husband and daughter.
"All Hail the Fairy Queen!" We Miss You!

Braveheart Moonsinger

My darling Big Brother, always ready with a song in his heart.
"Brave" is currently residing in Kansas, working as an EMT, and going to school.
He spends an AWFUL lot of time at the gym, and taking care of his son.
This one keeps me on my feet, kind hearted and full of spirit.

Drea Moondove

"Drea" in the half-elven, means beauty... and there is much beauty in this sibling
of ours. Drea is an studying eclectic shaman. She is the observer and the listener,
always willing to help those in need. Drea comes from British Columbia, Canada.
She is an asset to the Clan, as are all.

Dawn Goldmoon

Dawn loves nature and Art. She is currently living in Ontario, Canada,
where she is going to college for graphic arts, but takes vare of her little one
full time. A bright hearted soul, she is...and a joy to be around.

Shar Moondragon

Our resident comedian and light hearted fool. "Dragon" is a Tattoo Artist
 as well as an avid collector of "all things Horror" . He is the collector of the group.
"Dragon" can find ANYTHING - Dirt cheap. Dragon never ceases to remind us
of who and what we are. He's been through more in his life
than the rest of us put together... A wise teacher and a good friend.


"Dolphin" hails from Israel. She is 17 and is always full of smiles.
She practices Shamanistic Jewish-Wicca. We wish you the best of luck, sis...
Walk in the light!

Breezer QuartzMoon (Melkor)

Breezer is yet another of our Canadian siblings. Always keeping busy,
Mel enjoys a variety of activities, though the military takes up most of his time.
He is a delight to talk to, and a wonderful conversationalist.

Wolfling Moongazer

"Wolf" is in the Armed Forces and is currently in Louisiana.
She collects all things having to do with her spirit animal.
Also enjoys Harley Davidson's, silver jewelry and rock concerts.

Draco AmberMoon and FireOpalMoon

New parents, Draco and his new wife live in Florida. After a short absence,
they have returned to grace us with their presence.
Always willing to talk, they are a wonderful addition to the Clan.

Aurora MoonAngel

"Ghost" is one of our younger members, but she is right out there with us
when the time comes. She is an aspiring young artist,
with some of her works posted on the net at the ElfWood site.
She is a joy to talk to, and never, ever boring!

Willow MoonSong

Willow lives in Ohio with her husband and her daughters.
She is one of our dearest siblings, who is always willing to lend an ear.
Though she is also one of the more quiet ones and doesn't often comment
unless she sees the need, her opinions have always been good ones.

Zandra MoonScorpion

Zandra is one of our more opinionated sibs.
She's full of ideas, and always ready to defend whoever needs defending.
She lives in Nevada with her husband Steve, and their two Boxers,
Buck and Remington. She's always there when you need to talk,
just don't catch her when she gets home late from work (hahahaha).
Love you sis!

Moon-Hawk Watches

The founder of the Seattle based MoonClan at BlackElk,
this has become one of Vaia's good friends over the past year or so.
Constant e-mail contact, advice and commentary to the situations at hand
have helped (me) through one or more crisises(??) over time
(I think without him and Mage I would have gone nuts!).
He hopes to get himself on ICQ soon, so that we will all be able to get to know him
a little better, and hopefully bridge the gap between the two "MoonClan's".
Love and Light, dear brother.


"Levi" is currently stationed overseas in Guam, where he enjoys scaring the wits out of Vai with such feats as cliff diving. He is fairly new to the MoonClan,
but some of us have known him for many years. He is a warm and caring individual
who is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. Though he is not online all that often,
he does keep in touch with some of us over the phone, and wishes, very much, that he
could have more contact with us all.


This fella is the brother of Wolfling MoonGazer. He is new to the MoonClan,
but has been very vocal in that short amount of time. Though he is currently
a seeker of his path, he tends closely toward the Celtic.
His opinions are very straight-forward, but he will gladly listen to anyone's side
without prejudice. Welcome to the family, little brother. It's about freaking time!!!

GhostHawk MoonWeaver

After living in North Carolina (across the street from
Lira & Phoenix), GhostHawk just recently moved to
Tennessee with his fiancee (getting married this summer) and the three girls.
Still following the path of my Shawnee Ancestors, but starting to go down the
path of his German Ancestry. He travels all over, seeing all there is to see
as a "trucker".

Other MoonClan members (backgrounds to be listed at a later date):

IsisHawke (sis, I need a name here!)
Golden MoonTiger (I'll get you back up here ASAP)
Cyrus MoonMasterKontessa MoonMistress (CALL ME!!!!!)
Elvenmoon (who will remain an honorary member in our hearts at the very least),
Fiery Moonmage (sweetie, you gotta tell me what to write!)
Gypsymoon (where'd you go???)
Laetus BlueMoon (get in touch, kiddo)
Lilith Sablemoon (will you authorize me on ICQ already?!)
Love Dancingmoon (you disappeared!!!)
Lunar MoonGriffin (uh...Cat?)
Morgana Moonbeam (uh, sis?)

There will be more Clan members listed as they come forward
and give me the "Okay" to list them.
I update when I can, as the info comes to me.

IMI H KY! Vaia