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Her cool light shines down
Drifting in the sky
She never falls
And I wonder why
How I would love to see her up close,
Nose to nose ...
Every night she is there
As she softly caresses my hair
The light glows softly on my skin
And she touches my heart from within
How I want to hold her close
And tell her she how wonderful she is
Alas I can not
She is too far away
But I see her in the midnight clouds every day
With one simple gesture
I tell her all of this
I touch my fingers to my lips and,
Blow the moon a kiss.

Raina EarthDreamerMoon, July 1999

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As the crimson traces of day fade
And dusk comes to blanket the light
The forest quietly begins a hymn of twilight

A pale moon illuminates a bleak world
Her silver rays give life
To the wisps of a benumbing fog,
Enchanting the woods with the radiant sheet
Of flickering candles

The wavering moon's twin,
Floating on a watery mirror
Her sister's ghostly face

She murmurs softly,
The will-o'-the-wisp to join
Her dance
The trees sway
By this haunting rhythm, and
The wind adds melody to the chant,
Whispering softly

A single ray
Catches the sparkle of the small lake
For an eternal moment
The little pearl of water glis'ning
Like Her diamonds;
Her company in the skies

And as the wind lets loose its breath
On the dozing earth

Dawn kills the dream

Marduk MoonKentaur, March 1998

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In peace and harmony,
We live.
In Death and spirituality,
We live on.
Growing and strengthening
Our love and understanding;
We listen.
Through all the realms
And through eternity,
The Clan lives;
Together as Family.

Breezer QuartzMoon, April 1999

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In the still of the night,
and the snow softly falling.
I hear a song, wonderful and bright.
It's the shining of the moon, She is calling.

The years have been hard
and the sorrows run deep.
I got up and followed the bells,
cause I know I am Hers, Hers to keep.

Out into the chilly darkness
alone and a little scared.
But as I get closer I feel,
lightness and warmth to let me know She cared.

As I entered Her wonderous glade,
all my worries and cares were relieved.
There stood the Goddess
smiling and laughing cause I had believed.

The celebration was just beginning,
the spirits gathered and I was enchanced.
On through that glorious night,
Music played and the dancers danced.

As the sun lit the sky,
the Goddess said it was time to go.
I took Her hand and my time here was done.
My energy joined the Great Flow

As I slept and dreamed,
my soul was renewed and rested.
I relearned all the important things,
that love and life should not be wasted.

In time, how long, I don't know,
I was called again by the Mother.
Bright and eager I was to begin again.
To live again, a life of another.

Born again with a joyous cry.
Coming as I went, in a warm glow of love
Cradled in the arms of my new mother,
asking her silently, "Don't let me forget again"

Laughing DragonMoon, ?? ??

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How strange the lingering joy
It's foreign laughter bubbles
In my heart
A long forgotten melody
Reaching my ears once more
Reminds me of the child
I will always be
I can't forget my pain
But laughter is always the same
Proving me wrong again and again
I haven't grown up
Not yet

Auroura MoonAngel, May 1999