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Primitive Baptist Web Station 
Baptist World Alliance


World Jen Chen Buddhism
Three Jewels and the way to Nibbana
SurfIndia's Buddhist links
The Living Dharma
The Middle Path 
Buddhism for the Lay Practitioner
Diamondway Buddhism


Catholic Information Center
Catholic Alpha Office
Church Catholic chat and churches
The Catholic Pages
Totally Catholic Link Directory 
Catholic Youth Online


The Very Faery Shoppe Lots of links and gifts 
Celtic Whispers
The Emerald Isle links
Celtic Corner

Christianity Homepage 
New Jeruselem News
Ohio Reference Links Project Christian History
Christianity Online 
Early Christianity and the study of religion
Stuart's Celtic Christianity Page
Religion in Politics 

Cults and recovery

Canny Cult Info Links
Cults and other Odd Religious Movements
Under the Influence: The Destructive Effects of Group Dynamics
Why Cults?
Cult Reference Guide - Broward Community College
Mormon Polygamist  
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - Cults and Misc. Groups 
A.F.F. Research Periodical Guide  
A.F.F. Video Recovery Index  


Esoteric Webzine
Esoterica: Journal of Esoteric Studies
The Esoteric Mall
The Philosophers of Nature
Alpheus: Esoteric Interpretations of History

Egyptian magic

Magic and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt  
Medicine and Magic in Ancient Egypt
Folk vs. Ceremonial
Magic Bibliographies and Resources


Classical Yoga Hindu Academy
UIA page on Hinduism and Yoga
Surf Religious Links
Hinduism Today Online
Hinduism: World's Oldest Religion
Hinduism Gita: it's purport and essence


Nation of Islam Online
Discover Islam
Converts to Islam .org 
Cyber Islam
The Islam Knowledge Site
United Muslims of America
Progressive Muslim's Network
The Muslim Family Network


International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Homepage 
Jewish Outreach Center Homepage 
American Jewish Historical Society 
Jewishnet - Global Jewish Information Network
Jewish Outreach Institute
Jewish Outreach Institute
Jews For Jesus
Project Genesis - Torah on the Information Superhighway


Lutheran Education Association
Lutheran Brotherhood
The Lutheran Magazine
Lutheran Historical Conference 


The Official Website of the United Methodist Church
General Board of Global Ministries - United Methodist Church  

Mormon Town 
The WWW1st Ward - First Mormon Community Online  (since April of 1995)
Mormon History Resource Page  


The Witches Voice
Grandmother Spider's Spirit Web Listings
Catala's Realm of WitchCraft
Witch's Brew: For All of Mother's Children
A Mystical Grove
Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans  
The Gods Grove
The Yeti's Lair: Comparative Religion With an emphasis on Pagan Magicks
Green Shadows  


Scientific Pantheism and Pantheist History
Principia Cybernetica Web : Pantheism - Universal Panthiest Society 


Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
The Metaphysics Research Lab
The Source Philosophy
"Philosophy": Philosophical discussions


Church of Satan
A Study of the Satanic Religion
Hecate's Website
Vampire Vixen's Lair
Satanism "The believers of an Evil God"
Devil Spawn


Eagle's Wings Centre for Contemporary Shamanism
The Celtic Library: Shamanism Page
Shamanism Links  
Working Winds
Institute for Shamanic Synthesis
Shamanic Alchemy: The Deep Tranceforming Shaman


The Sikhism HomePage
The Online Sikh Museum
Sat Sri-Akal: Welcome to Sikhism : Sikhism Directory


Spirituality and Health
Centre for Spirituality at Work
The Centre for Spirituality and Psychotherapy
Psycho Matrix
Ashira's Homepage: Feminist Spirituality


APS Guide to Resources in Theology Links to many Theological sites
Marquette Theology: Table of Contents Page
Theology Message Archives


National Unitarian Fellowship Homepage
Unitarian Universalist Association
Sparticus Educational Homepage: Unitarian Info
The Old Unitarian Church
Unitarian Universalist History and Heritage


Link Library for "Voodoo"
New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple Homepage
MoonWeb's Voodoo and Santeria Resources on the Net
The Mystica