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First and Forward...
First of all, please let me say that if what is written here offends you, then I am sorry... I have never been one to keep my tongue, I am simply stating an opinion. I apologize for anything I might state that would cause offense, but it is a free world, and free speech is one of our basic rights... is it not?

Love and Light,
Vaia Moonshadow

Vaia's Theory on Religion

As I see it, the pagan belief is founded in the principle that nothing is absolute. There is no absolute good, there is no absolute evil, and it is pointless to attempt to achieve a goal that can never be attained. Good and evil exist because of each other, and for each other. Neither would exist at all without its counterpart.

I realize that the Christian faith is strong, and that there are true christians who strive to lead good and honest lives, yet what reason is there to strive to be perfect? Nothing is perfect! The very basis of the Christian doctrine is that we are all imperfect beings and can therefore never achieve perfection. So why waste the energy?

I understand that there is strength to be found in faith, no matter what faith it may be, but is there not more strength to be found in acceptance? The main reason that I find the Christian religion to be hypocritical is that they teach their folk to "love thy brother" and to "do unto others", yet they do not accept anyone who does not follow their own beliefs. They strive to convert those who find faith elsewhere, instead of accepting and trying to understand the "why" of it. They call Wiccans evil because they do not follow their beliefs, but as I have seen it in my life, it seems that more Wiccans follow the Christian doctrines of "do unto others" and "love thy neighbor" than the Christians do.

I have always seen the Pagan religion as one of acceptance: The acceptance of all religions, the acceptance of all races, and the acceptance of imperfection. I, for one, find strength in the understanding of my faults, the very fact that I can accept those faults, and the knowledge that I can deal with those faults when they arise, yet not be ostracized for them among my fellow Wiccans. I find my strength in knowing that my fellows will accept me no matter what I am and no matter what my flaws might be, and knowing that if I make a mistake, it will be forgiven, and that will be the end of it.

Knowing that the Pagan religion is based upon the doctrine of "Do as ye will, an it harm none", has been something that has also given me strength.... It is the same principle as the christian philosophy of "do unto others", yet why do their so-called Christian followers stand in parking lots and gun down doctors and other innocents?... Isn't killing a sin?... What makes killing justifiable? I have seen more violent Christian mobs than even remotely annoyed Wiccan ones...go figure. 

A religion that stresses the importance of family, and yet sees women as breeders instead of equals sickens me. They tell all that they are full of love and yet they held a group of assassins in their midst. The purest person I ever knew was Wicca to be led into the Christian faith, after which she disowned her entire family and the friends who had loved and protected her all her life. She paid money to her church as penance for premarital sex, taking food from the mouth of her child (which is basically what it was). This is the sort of hypocrisy that sickens me.

The Christian religion fears the Wiccan religion because it lacks knowledge of us, or perhaps because it knows that we are better than they. How many would convert if they understood? How many would see the hypocrisy of their religion if they truly listened?

This Pagan has always believed that she had a calling. My longing to write down my beliefs and share them, not only with my Clan, but with others as well, has led me to believe that it is my calling to teach; to open the eyes of those around me, to find a common ground and join the faiths of many into one that can work for all....

This is the basis for the Clan. It is what we are.

I do not know where these roads will lead me, I only know that I am to follow the path that the Gods have set for me. I can only ask that They guide me in all of my doings, and that they grant me the love and light to do what I must. 

To all of you,  Love and Light
May the Gods light the fires in your hearts and keep them burning throughout eternity.

Blessings on you all.