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Some Thoughts from one of out Brothers
(StormDragon sent this to me, and I thought that you all should read it... )

"Kindred Spirits"

From the beginning, I have spent countless days and nights, searching for the Spirit
which would make my Inner Spirit and Being whole, once again. Throughout the
ages, I have encountered many, who have stimulated my senses in various different
ways, but I have never really felt complete or whole. There was always that one,
special link missing; that inner feeling, of my not being complete was always and
forever present.

Many eons past, my Spirit had lost it's equal counterpart, it's most beloved equal half,
through an unfortunate and senseless death. And, ever since that time, my Spirit has
spent countless lifetimes searching, seeking to regain the happiness that was lost.

For every Soul, there is another. And, the both are constantly in search for the Other.
Should the Forces, which govern the Universe, allow their paths to cross, there is a
feeling (or Aura) of Oneness, total and complete unification! The feelings of Safety
and Contentment, are recognized almost instantaneously. The Magick, that was once
lost, is again rejuvenated and repaired.

As in life, some past encounters were done, through Chance; Others, by her sister,
Fate. The remainder were accomplished by Destiny. The feelings and emotions,
which ruled the spirits, from the near and distant past, are strong and true now, as
when they were in ages past. The rediscovery of that very important section of my
past lives, in the present, justifies all that I had accomplished previously, as well
as all that I will accomplish in the here and now (including the not-so-distant future).

A lonely and displaced Spirit, shall forever roam the endless boundaries of the
Heavens-Eternal, until it can discover again the other portion that it had lost. The
missing, once separated, link, otherwise known as it's Kindred Spirit, is truly a
treasure which cannot be equaled by any form of worldly riches which this plane of
existence could ever hope to offer, much less possess! Keeping Kindred Spirits
apart, or separate (of which I am one) would be akin to ripping apart a soul, then
draining the life's blood from the Earthly host, in which the soul was housed! Without
the unique soul, which each individual possesses, the Earthly host would be but an
empty, unfeeling and useless shell. But when united, they become one!

Such has my life ever been, for so many long and lonely years. I had thought that I
had finally found that which I had sought, but circumstances beyond my Earthly
comprehension forced me to release that Spirit back into the hands of the Spirits of
the Four Winds. In time, with both patience and the guidance only the Great Spirit
can offer, maybe I shall be so fortunate as to regain that which I had lost, so many
ages past; so many long and lonely years ago. But as in all things, both then and now,
it shall be in the in the Great Spirit's time, as well as with the three sisters: Fate,
Chance and Destiny.

When I can accept this, with unblinded certainty, then that, for which I have sought
for, shall finally be revealed. Then and only then, will my life and essence, be whole
and at ease with the Universe, at long last.

StormWatcher (StormDragon MoonWeyr)

2nd Guardian of the Gate

August 21st, 1987

Thus ends the writing, of the passage, concerning Kindred Spirits.