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To Morrow

Faerie bless, and Faerie keep
Faerie watch me while I sleep.

Protect my hearth, Protect my home,
Protect my spirit as I roam.

Faerie guide me through the night
And keep away the shapeless fright.

Faerie bless and Faerie keep
Faerie watch me as I sleep.

The Magick
(a bedtime chant...close your eyes and imagine a circle
of light going all around the room.)

O golden light,
O silver light,
Please, weave your web around me
And protect me through the night.
My day is done, my night begun,
With dreams before me found.
I shall sleep in peace and light,
My protective circle bound.

Bedtime Prayer
(for a Wiccan/Pagan child)

Now I lay me down to sleep
Through the twilight, and dark so deep
Earth and Water, Fire and Air
Stay with me while Mom's not there
Elements guide me through the night
And leave with thanks at mornings light!

Adult Bedtime Prayer

Day is done, it's time for bed
Goddess bless my sleepy head
Earth and Water, Air and Fire
Bring gentle dreams as I retire
When the morning sun does rise
The God will bless my open eyes!

A Prayer for a Small Child going off to School

Lord and Lady this we pray
Keep me safe throughout the day
I'll learn new things and make new friends
and come home safe
when my day ends... So Mote it Be!

Another Bedtime Prayer...

Now I lay me down to rest,
I pray that all the world be blessed.
Lady Moon and Sister Star
Watch over me from afar.
Mother Earth is always there
And keeps me safe withing her care.
The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing
And happy dreams will to me bring.
And when I wake to greet the day
Brother Sun will light my way!